Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Question #5

To attract my audience I used a bright colour and a classy layout on my cover, i attract the musical audience by listing popular popstars on the background to indicate that it is a music magazine rather than just a fashion magazine. I chose these band names as I thought it would appeal to my target audience as ideally that is the kind of music they will be into (mainstream pop)- this would be an instant selling point. I styled my model in a way I would expect my target audience to dress and how they would style their hair and makeup when dressing up. I used the simple colour pallete to not make my magazine look over crowded or busy so this would attract the eye on the newstand, I also did this because I didn't want my magazine to look trashy because it was too busy . I didn't use any cover lines other than 'Sara - Pop sensation' as she was the main cover artist so I would want the audience to predominantly be interested in her. Overall I think the cover represents and attracts my target audience.

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