Sunday, 30 January 2011

Golden Spiral

The idea of the golden spiral suggests that images are more aesthetically pleasing if they conform to the layout of this spiral (to the right).

This image of the flower uses the spiral to show how the golden spiral works. The image is busiest where the spiral begins, and goes out in the line of the spiral.

This image conforms to the golden spiral; as the spiral begins on sara's eye then goes directly to the bottom of her nose, then the top of her head then finishes on the bottom of her elbow. It is also more aesthetically pleasing as the image is busiest in the top third, the bottom two thirds are more similar.
I will keep the golden spiral rule in mind when chosing images to put in my magazine, as it makes the photos look more professionally taken and placed in my magazine.

Mockup #3

Double Page Spread Mockup

I will use different images along the top, but to save time I only used two.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pitch Evaluation

Overall I think my pitch went well. I think I covered the basic points I needed to make and made it reasonably clear on the style, layout , inspiration towards and content of my magazine, despite our 25 word limit. I think the album covers from existing pop artists helped to inform the audience on the kind of music my artist would be producing and how it would match with my magazine.
I think whilst being answered the questions I coped with it well. I think having thought about most aspects of my magazine beforehand paid off as I could confidently explain the image I had imagined for my magazine. 
However a flaw in my animoto would have been that I didn't provide enough information about the photoshoot, as I was asked a lot of questions about that. I was asked about how many photos I was going to take overall I unfortunatley had no idea, which I should have thought about. Then again if I hadn't been asked this question I then would have had to think of it at a later date and possibly done a photo shoot not knowing how many photos I would need to take.
I think the questions I was asked definatley made me think in more detail about the style of my magazine and the photoshoot, otherwise I think my pitch went quite well! 

Magazine Article

Despite being a mere 17 years old Sara is predicted to be one of the biggest artists of 2011. Her high fashion style and catchy yet powerful songs are everything you would expect one of the biggest popstars to have, yet this time one year ago she was an unknown singer, performing in local bars and clubs where she coincidentally was discovered by a scout working for Capitol record label (who have also signed Katy Perry, Robbie Williams and Cee-Lo Green)- she was a hit and after she was signed she instantly shot to fame.
As we sit down with Sara she seems like any other extremely happy 17 year old (with offers to perform at Glastonbury and V Festival Sara has everything to smile about).
Her hair tied up, wearing jeans and a baggy tee with minimal make-up on proves how she isn't as high maintinence as she may appear in the press recently - just a normal, down to earth girl who is excited to talk about her recent success.

So Sara, how did your rise to fame happen in such a short space of time?
It's really surreal! This time last year I was performing in pubs and bars when I got spotted by Craig Jones (Capitol scout) and it set off from there, from then on its been non stop! I have been working really hard on my first album 'Chance' - which is released on February 1st, and performing cover songs at big venues, I even got to support Lily Allen when she was touring! It's been a life changing experience, I'm just so excited for the future!

How do you feel your background has helped you become who you are?
I was bought up in Sheffield, not in one of the nicest area's but that tought me be grateful for what I have. I'm also the eldest of 4 so childhood was a struggle for us, especially after my Dad leaving.

Do you think that made you more determined?
Definatley! I think working for what I have is the most important thing, as that is what I've been bought up to do. Work hard - play hard. My childhood and uprbinging had a huge impact on my life, I was tought to stand up for what I beleive in and not be afriad of other people's opinions, I think this attitude is obvious in my lyrics. I feel so lucky and privelaged to be in the position I am in!

Wow, your childhood seemed rather rough then! Your new album 'Chance' is full of upbeat, punchy songs with a lot of attitude. Do you think we will be seeing a more vulnerable, softer side of you anytime after?
I have a softer side, everyone does don't they? I don't pretend to be anything with my music, it comes from how I feel and the messages I want to put across rather than me trying to uphold a certain image. I think the first album has to make an impact, so I hope that mine has!

It certainly has! If you had to compare yourself to any other Pop artist, who would it be?
Oh I couldn't do that! I idolise Katy Perry and Rihanna, but wouldn't see myself on the same level as them atall! They have worked hard for what they have acheived and I could only dream of being as sucessful as them!

So would you consider Rihanna and Katy Perry to influence your music?
Yes, I think it would be fair to say that. I have huge respect for both of them and I absolutley love the upbeat songs of Katy Perry, and how they are good to get up and dance to! I also think Rihanna's voice is incredible and her quirky style is so influential!

If a collaboration with any artist was on the cards, who would you chose?

The world is your oyster!
I would love to record with Will.I.Am or Cheryl Cole, or both!

Being new on the Pop scene, do you find it intimidating or exciting?
I think I find it a bit of both! Especially being so young I don't want to appear too big for my boots yet I completely love the new lifestyle and how upbeat and fast paced it is! I enjoy being busy so this seems to be perfect for me! I've read negative things about me in the press but have now decided to stop reading tabloids as it isn't worth me taking to heart what they say!

How could they say anything negative about you!
Well I suppose everyones here to make money, they make theirs by lying about others! I just decide not to read it - what I dont know can't hurt me!

Sara, your style would appear high maintinence! Care to talk us through your morning routine?
Well I'll talk you through a Sunday morning, as any other day is too hectic! I wake up around half ten, hop straight in the shower then my Mum will make me a bacon sandwich - which I have covered in ketchup! I'll then slob out in my trackies infront of the TV watching Friends or Hollyoaks! I only dress up to go out - which is mainly when I am photographed! I am quite lucky in that respect as I don't have the papparazi lurking outside my house yet - touchwood!
I would say I have quite expensive taste, but you can get almost identical copies on the high street! But yes, I do take a lot of pride in my appearance and I'm lucky I have the confidence to be happy in my skin and be proud of how I look! I'm not suggesting for a minuet that I'm amazingly gorgeous, every girl has body area's they hate! Mine is my thighs!

Its so nice to know you're just a normal girl! What can we expect to see you doing in the near future?
Well after my album is released, depending on how that sells (hopefully well!) I'll be touring later this year which is really exciting! You should be seeing a lot more of me!

Thankyou for taking the time out from your hectic schedule to talk to us Sara! 
No worries, Anytime!